We are Going Green!

We Are Going Green!!! Small Steps in the Right Direction

Ok so we aren’t actually changing colour, but here at JL Corporate we are trying to help make a positive difference to the environment and have started introducing our range of Eco-friendly cases.
Over 1 billion phone cases are sold every year and an estimated 60,000 cases are thrown away due to smart phone models be constantly discontinued.

Although we can’t change the world, we believe that we can make a small difference by offering some eco-friendly cases to our customers. Check out the cases we currently offer or contact one of our friendly account managers who will be more than happy help you with your purchasing needs.

Email: enquiries@jlcorporate.co.uk or give us a call on 01275 867000
Keep an eye on our social media pages for new cases being added to our eco-friendly range….

Who said you can’t recycle your Smart phone case?!

Our Ecotec case is not only beautifully designed with a lovely soft touch finish, but you can also recycle it at your local recycling centre (please check with your local recycling centre first).

Made from 20% wheat straw and 80% recycled TPU, this case will start the degradation process once under soil.

The cleverly designed protective raised edges and anti-slip material help to protect your phone and screen from accidental damage.

What makes this case even better? The precise cut outs give you full access to all your phones ports and it is even compatible with wireless charging….

So, if you want to help make a difference to the environment why not try one of our eco cases today?
Colours available: Blue, Red, Black, Light Pink, Mint Green and Yellow

Did someone say biodegradable?

If offering a recyclable phone case wasn’t good enough, we also have our fantastic Eco Bamboo case which is 100% compostable and fully biodegradable.

Made from PLA, Bamboo straw, Bioplastic and PBAT this case not only looks smart but is also better for the environment… what’s not to love about it?

The blend of materials offers a smooth and soft touch finish and the flexible design makes it easy to install on your phone, whilst also offering excellent protection for your device.

Raised edges help to prevent accidental damage to your screen and the integrated side buttons means you to have full access to all your phones functionalities.

The clever combination of materials even supports your phones wireless charging capabilities. We think this case is a great all-rounder and it definitely gets the thumbs up from us.

Colours available: Green, Red, Dark Blue, Yellow, Light Pink, Khaki Green, Peach, Dark Pink, Cream, Black, Lime Green and Orange


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