About Us

About Us

Introducing the reasons behind the right choice for your business!


Buying Process
The buying process can sometimes be the hardest part of any transaction of this nature, but with JL Corporate Ltd we’ll make it as easy as possible for you. If you can't see the case suitable for your device, get in contact! For quotes, orders, or general information, please email:

Competitive Prices
We buy direct from suppliers so there is no 3rd party involved, or registered reseller that increases prices for you (the end user). This gives us a massive lead on our surrounding competitors.

Value for Money
Do not be fooled by our low prices, this is not an indication of quality! Here at JL Corporate we get asked, "Why are your prices so cheap?" – Leah, EE Account Manager. If we charge our customers with an expensive price, we would be labelled as ‘greedy’. Don’t take our word for it, ask us for yourself.

Quality Products
A frequent trip to visit our suppliers and constant feedback from our customers on our products keeps us ahead of the quality race.

Peace of Mind
When buying large quantities, to help protect your recent purchases at your chosen school or selected business you want to know that your tablet and smart phones are well protected. Truth is, it's a mine field out there with the likes of eBay and Amazon, leading the charges with all kinds of unsavoury products that are sold by untrustworthy sellers.

Fast Turn Over Time
We currently occupy two warehouses that measure approximately 10,000 square foot, which will decrease delivery time down to ‘next day’ delivery (within the UK), and to surrounding territories 3-5 working days. If your product is currently not in stock, or we have yet to locate the item, please expect delivery time to be within 10 days.

Easy Returns Process
We have a team of aftersales that are ready to deal with any returns you may have. With our ‘no questions asked’ policy we feel this is the most cost and time efficient way for you, the customer.

Tailored Solutions
We offer a tailored service for our new and existing customers that help you choose and create your chosen design/logo you’d like on your protective case.

Customers for Life
We don’t just up and leave and go onto the next customer once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll be our customer for life. We will call, email or even drop in to see how our cases are getting on and also take in your guaranteed positive feedback.